Homework Schedule

A regular home study schedule should be established with your child.  You and your child should identify a time and a space that will be used consistently.  A study schedule of ½ hour to 1 hour a day is a reasonable expectation for an intermediate student.
The following is the general homework schedule.  Please understand that it may be altered from time to time.


  • Problem Solving Worksheet
  • Due:  Tuesday
  • Reading to Goal Recording Sheet
  • Due:  The following Monday


  • Math Assignment (POW)
  • Due:  Wednesday


  • Word Study
  • Due:  Thursday


  • Math Assignment
  • Due:  Friday


  • Reading to Goal


  • Reading to Goal


  • Reading to Goal  (Complete Activity)
  • Due:  Monday

Please allow your child to share his/her work with you.  It is important to deliver the clear message that you value the work.  You are far more important to them than I will ever be.