Welcome to Room 141

Our morning begins with a short morning meeting as we discuss what our daily schedule and what our goals for the day will focus on.  We then head off to our specialsts' block for Music, Physical Education, Art or Media.  When we return to the classroom we begin our literacy period known as the Readers Workshop. The students learn to read in whole group instruction and small guided reading groups.  You may have heard your child refer to his or her reading level when selecting books to read.  This is in reference to their reading placement.  Students have an instructional level that the teacher uses when working with the students during small group instruction.  The children also have an independent reading level in which the children select books that are at a level that they can be successful reading without any adult assistance.  We also conduct literacy centers during the time the children are not receiving direct instruction from their teacher while during this block of time.  These centers are planned out to reinforce the skills that the students have been learning.  In this way, through the use of guided reading, independent reading, and literacy centers, the students' daily lessons are differentiated to meet their literature needs.  We also use a spelling program called Words Their Way. This also is tailored to each child's academic abilities.  The children pass through various spelling stages over the year and they are placed with other students of similar academic strengths.  Each week the children are given a set of words or picture sounds that reflects their spelling stage.  They practice these picture/word sorts at school and at home. Informal assessment is given throughout the day to see if the students are using these word patterns correctly in their reading and writing. Finally, before we head off to lunch we will conduct our Writer's workshop.  Students examine the works of various writers in an effort to become good writers themselves. Students practice using writing techniques in their own story writing.  Along with their writing partner they share ideas and discuss their work.  

The afternoon is spent in our Investigations math series.  In this curriculum the children work independently and in small groups. The students play many math games that are part of the series and are designed to foster learning.  Through games and problem solving activities the children discover successful strategies used in mathematics.  Time is spent with the boys and girls sharing their strategies with the class as well as having the students discussing their results with one another.  

We wrap up our day with either Social Studies or Science.   In these areas of study we learn about safety and being a good citizen in our community.  The students also explore electricity, organisms and rocks.

We are very busy in room 141 as you can see, but we still find time throughout the day to learn a poem, tell a story or riddle, or learn a new song to take home and share.  The children come to school each day highly motivated and excited to learn.  Communication between home and school is encouraged.  The parents of my students are very supportive and engaged in their child's learning. This has always been a key factor in the academic and social development of our students here at Kenwood. 

We have a terrific group of students here in first grade. I hope you get a chance to stop by and see them in action!

Have a good day and see you soon!

Terry Brezny

Batteries and Bulbs

The students explore the physical science of electricity by using batteries and bulbs. 

The Apple Orchard

We had a lot of fun at the apple orchard learning about pollination and apple production.

Classroom Residencies

We've had a busy fall with several first grade residencies. The photos Start with Mr. Koester and the Midwest food Connection, Next is Brother Ghana and the African dance/Drummning, then Gretchen and the Minnesota Science museum as we design and construct bridges, Finally Bob Walser and the Barn Dance practice.

Camp Readaway