Hello everyone. I'd like to share with you a little about me. I have been teaching at Kenwood School for the past 32 years, the last 22 at first grade.   I enjoy my career and have always found working with children very rewarding.  The students always come loaded with questions and insights that leave me learning right along with them. I've seen many changes here at Kenwood over the years but one thing that never seems to change is that the children come to school prepared and eager to learn

Over the years my wife, who is also a teacher, and I have raised two children of our own.  They were raised in the best and worst way...as children of teachers!  They helped us many evenings with cutting and pasting, correcting work, hunting the garage sales in search of books, or hitting teacher supply stores in the fall as we ready our rooms for the year, and of course listening to us talk about our day.  Despite the good and bad they both turned out well and adjusted and have completed their own graduate studies, needless to say not in the field of education!


When I'm not at school you may see me driving around town in my student driver vehicle.  I teach the driver education for several of the local high schools.  It's a fun experience because I teach them to read in first grade and when they get older I reconnect with them once again and teach them to drive!