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Letter set home

This last few weeks we have been researching and writing a report about a North American animal.  Part of this project is an at home piece.  Your student is to make a presentation about their animal.  


Here are some suggestions:

  • Diorama of your animal in its natural habitat

  • Poster diagram of your animal-label the interesting features

  • Play or skit with your animal as the main character

  • Game that has your animal as the theme

  • Word find or puzzle with your animal as the theme

  • 3-dimensional model of your animal - must fit on top of your desk (2 by 3 feet)

  • Virtual model

  • Write and recite a poem about your animal

  • Make a “touch and feel” station about your animal

  • Make a mini-book or mini-video about your animal

  • Make a comic strip with facts about your animal

  • To see some past project head on over to the class web site and check out animal projects

To receive a three on the project your student must include a write up about the project.  This is meant to be a short explanation of why this project was chosen and how it was made.

Parts to the write up:

Why this project was chosen

How it was made


I choose to make a diagram of the pika because I like to draw.  To make the drawing realistic, I looked up several pictures on the internet and used one as a model.  I then used my research about the pika to label the drawing.  I decided to go for a four so I printed all the labels and mounted them.

Please keep the write up to no more than four sentences

Graded separately






Must have a write up of how the project was completed

for a 3

no project

Partially complete project

or no write up

Complete project with write up

Complete project with write up

Time and effort put into the project