Mr. Brezny’s Room

   April 9, 2018


     Dear Families welcome back.  I hope everyone had an enjoyable spring break despite the snow.  We now move into the final stretch. It will be a busy spring.

     As we draw nearer to the end of the year please remember that the children need to have read 60 books from home.  Everytime your child returns a reading log I record it back here in my room.  If you need more logs you can find them here on this web page, or if you wish, you can merely write the titles out on a piece of loose leaf paper. Many of your children have already have met this goal.  If your child did then they don't need to return anymore reading logs.

     In math we are well into unit 5. Students are learning about constructing, describing and extending repeating patterns; beginning with shapes and objects and moving to number sequences with constant increments.  The unit also develops an understanding place value. Students will understand two digit numbers and groups of tens and some ones, represent numbers using place value models, and be able to say ten more and ten less than a given two digit number.  The learning targets for this unit are as follows:

5.1   I can describe and represent numbers between 10-100 in groups of tens. 

5.2   I can identify a number that is 10 more or 10 less than a given number.  

5.3   I can count by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s from any given number. 

5.4   I can solve addition and subtraction problems using patterns in numbers.  

5.5   I can create and extend patterns in many ways.  

     Now that we are back from our break, we will be receiving snails and guppies in our room soon.  This is part of our on going science unit, Organisms.  The students will make daily observations of the guppies and snails along with the water plants that are in in their tanks.  They then record their observations in their science journals.  And of course spring wouldn't be spring without some first grade planting.  This also is part of our organisms unit. I will try to time the planting of seeds so that when they bring home their vegetable plant it will be warm enough to transplant outside, providing the weather cooperates.

      Towards the end of the month we  begin our final unit in Social Studies.  We will be studying geography. We will be looking at how to read maps and to use them to gather information.  Along with this we will also look at places and their physical characteristics (such as culture, population, economic systems, and so on…).  I think the children will be bringing home some interesting conversation for the dinner table.

                                             Have a nice week and welcome back,

                                                 Terry Brezny