Arts for Academic Achievement (AAA)

Arts for Academic Achievement (AAA) uses arts integration as a teaching and learning strategy to make natural and meaningful connections between art and non-arts subject areas. It is a program that brings trained teaching artists into classrooms giving students a different way to learn. Some of the Arts for Academic Achievement programs at Kenwood are Observational Drawing, Tableau and Readers Theater.

In grade five, Kenwood students use observational drawing to visually describe what they see, supporting scientific observation and critical thinking. Students learn to do quick “gesture” drawings as well as detailed drawings of objects, plants and animals to taking a closer look at the world around them. As a part of their environmental studies in science, students go to the Richardson Nature Center and the Minnesota Zoo and incorporate observational drawing, integrating the artistic endeavor with science.

Tableau is a theater-based technique where student reenact main ideas and vocabulary to build understanding. At Kenwood it is a technique used in fourth grade to enhance the writing skills of students for the creation of their own stories. In some second grade classes, the Tableau strategy is used to build comprehension in reading.

In addition to these programs and our long standing arts residencies you will find that many Kenwood teachers bring the arts into their classrooms to help with learning: using theater to bring historical characters to life, putting on plays of books read in class to singing about what they are learning in science.