This section shows the different section on IXL.com that students can practice to become proficient at 4th grade skills.  Students should have scratch paper with them while they are working on these problems and encouraged to use it. 

There are Apps for both idevices and Android devices.

Login info                                                         Example:

UN: (first name)(first letter of last name)275              jensh275

PW:  208kenwood                                                            208kenwood

The highlighted sections are the ones that I am tracking and students are asked to master before moving on.  

The other sections are ones that support and extend what we are learning in class and can be explored if they have mastered the highlighted sections.  

Please click on the unit to the right for IXL practice.

Challenge Section

Any of F 1-9

These are very difficult and ask for many different skills to be used for one problem.