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2nd Grade

Room 224 Blogging:  Room 224 Blog

Room 239 Blogging:  Room 239 Blog

Room 243 Blogging:  Room 243 Blog

3rd Grade

Room 218 Blogging:  Room 218 Blog

Room 221 Blogging:  Room 221 Blog

Room 234 Blogging:  Room 234 Blog

4th Grade

Room 203 Blogging:  Room 203 Blog

Room 204 Blogging:  Room 204 Blog

Room 208 Blogging:  Room 208 Blog


Maud Hart Lovelace Blog

Please let Mrs. Kallas know if you want to participate and you do not see your name in the Log in list. 


Kidblog provides teachers with the tools to help students safely navigate the digital – and increasingly social – online landscape. Kidblog allows students to exercise digital citizenship within a secure, private classroom blogging space. Kidblog’s security features put safety first:

  • Teachers have administrative control over all student blogs and student accounts.
  • Your students’ blogs are private by default – viewable only by classmates and the teacher. Teachers can elect to make posts public, while still moderating all content.
  • Kidblog is fully COPPA compliant and does not require any personal information from students.