Mr. Brezny’s Room     

                                           December 5, 2016


     Hello everyone and welcome back.    Soon you may begin to notice your child taking more of an interest in rocks, that's because our classwill soon begin an earth science unit study of rocks.  Our lessons will focus on the properties of the rocks.  The properties are characteristics such as, color, luster, texture, weight, and size.  As our study continues we expect the students to be able to examine a rock and be able to tell about its properties.  At this age we are stressing the properties of the rock sample rather than the name of the rock. 

     This Month's homework is involves our social studies unit on economics.  The children have been learning about a few key concepts.  The term scarcity which is not being able to have all the things you want or need because there is not enough.  The cost and benefits of a decision that a person makes, also trading, and bartering.  With this month being about two weeks until our winter break our homework has a scarcity of time.  So I am sending it home for the last week in November. However I think the projects will go quickly.  You may need to write what your child dictates so that it's less stressful for them. The goal is that they understand the concepts.

     In math we are in the midst of our unit on geometry.  I will have photos of a few activites that the children had fun creating in the geometry unit posted on our website soon.  The children are constructing  geometric patterns.  We are presently underway creating our quilt patterns using triangles and quadrilaterals.  This paper and color marker activity will soon be displayed proudly outside the classroom.  We will be moving into Time and Measurement at the start of the new year.

     The girls and boys have been enjoying the African drumming residency with Brother Ghana.  They are very excited to perform for you on Thursday December 15th.  It will be held in the Gymnasium at 7:50 A.M.  The performance should run about 20-25 minutes.  This should leave enough time to get to work for most families.  

     On Friday, December 16,  I am going to have a put on a  pancake breafast in my classroom.  Along with the pancakes I will be serving apple juice and orange slices.  It will be a fun time before we head off for our winter break.  You may still wish to have the children eat a little something before they head off to school. I wouldn't want them to be too hungry by the time we actually start eating.

    Please be sure to check the lost and found for missing items of clothing.  The lost and found area is located in the lunchroom.  There are many unclaimed items of clothing starting to pile up.  If you would take a few minutes to label Your child's items it will be a lot easier to locate the owners when they misplace articles of clothing.

    Finally, speaking of clothing, The weather may take a nasty turn later next week.  If snow does arrive please be sure your child comes to school prepared.  Snowpants, boots and warm mittens are a necessity out at recess.

                                                                                Stay warm and I'll see you in the new year, 

                                                                                Terry Brezny