Mr. Brezny’s Room  

   February 1, 2018


     Hello everyone and welcome to February.  Hurray!  The hours of daylight begin to grow a little longer.

      The children will begin exploring the social studies curriculum unit on history.  Some of the more noted people of history that we will be discussing are Rosa Parks and Ruby Bridges. We will also be identifying topics which includes sequencing important events in our own lives and learning to ask questions on a specific event to be information collectors.  The students will soon compare life long ago and life today with a concentrated look at buildings, transportation, and communication.  This may be a good time to speak with your first grader about his or her own personal timeline. How has life changed for them. Old photos are always a fun way to bring up discussion. Consider talking with your child about how life has changed since you were a child (changes with the internet, cell phones, ipods, etc.). A conversation with grandparents might also stimulate discussion.

     We have now moved into our next math unit. This unit builds on the foundations laid by the first and second number operations earlier this year. Much of that work focused on counting, composing and decomposing numbers, and adding and subtracting small amounts.  At this point in the year most students should be able to count accurately to over 50, both aloud and in writing; find more than two combinations of 2 addends that equal a number; make sense of story problems; and add and subtract small quanties.  In this unit, student's work concentrates around three mathematical emphases: Number Concentration (composing numbers up to 20 with 2 or more addends),Whole Number Operations ( making sense of and developing strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems with small numbers) and Representing Mathematical Thinking (using manipulatives, drawings, tools, and notation to show strategies and solutions.

     February 23rd, grades 1-5 will attend the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra concert in the morning.  It is held at the Ted Mann concert hall on the University of Minnesota campus.  There is no cost to the students. This is part of our C.O.N.N.E.C.T. program here at school. To get the students excited about the concert, one of the musicians will come out in the next week to meet the children, and discuss and demonstrate their instrument.  Look for a permission slip to be sent out to you in the blue monday folders today.  

     Friday, February 16th is no school as this is a parent conference day.  If you wish to meet with me regarding concerns you have for your child please contact me.  Otherwise I will be contacting the families of children that I feel would benefit from a second conference.

     Monday, February 19th is Presidents' Day and so there is no school.

     February also brings us Valentine’s Day.  We will exchange cards on the 14th.  If you send candy with your child please be sure that it does not include peanuts.  We have sensitivity in our classroom.  I have included all the names of the students which is listed below. 

                                                                                       Have a nice week, 

                                                                                          Terry Brezny



1. Alice            14. Neva

2.Evelyn          15. Garrett

3. Olivia           16. Beckett

4. Logan           17. Julian

5. Kemarrion    18. Mena

6. Emiah           19. Anupriya

7. River             20. Adam

8. Fynnley         21. Phoebe

9. Clara              22. Nora

10.Edie              23. Sixten

11. Jake             24. Aswan

12. Keaton         25. Ari  

13. Ariana          26. Kaighin