Integrating Arts

Throughout the year, we work with many visual artists. In 5th grade, we work extensively with photography and observational drawing. Through our study of photography, the students develop the tools they need to analyze and create visual images. The skills we develop through photography mirror the skills we work on in writing:  identifying focus, developing sharp images, and conveying meaning.  

Emily Isenberg, a professional illustrator, works with the students to develop their skills of observation and drawing. The students learn to attend to details, to analyze structures, and to convey this information to others. The students also work with Lee Galda to develop their writing skills, both informational and poetic.

Our year's work with photography, observational drawing, and writing is captured in the our end product - a book created by each student. These books under the guidance of the artists and writers from the MN Center for Book Arts represent a snapshot of the work we have done and are a treasured keepsake.