Mr. Brezny’s Room  

                                           January 8, 2018


Dear Families,

Welcome back to the New Year!  I hope everyone had an enjoyable winter holiday break.  It may be a cold and dark time of the year but that doesn’t keep us from having fun and staying busy as we make our way through the winter.  

I will use this week to retest the students for their new reading level.  There has been a lot of reading activity in our room this past fall.  I’m excited to chart the progress the children have made in reading.  Our student progress reports will go home at the end of the month and I will include the girls and boys new reading level on their report card.

For the next few weeks in math we will be working with linear measurement.  Some of the focus points will be: understanding what length is and how it can be measured, measuring lengths of different size units, identifying context in which measurement is used, and understanding the meaning of at least in the context of linear measurement.  We will also continue to practice telling time and identifying and counting combinations of coins during our daily number sense routines.  Time and money are an ongoing set of skills used throughout the year.  You can help at home by practing with your child identifying coins and counting coins as well as telling time and writng it to the half hour.  Our homework packet for this month will cover these areas of study. The students aren't expected to have mastery at this point but rather a simple working knowledge.

We will pick up where we left off on our earth science unit.  Our lessons focus on the properties of the rocks.  The properties are characteristics such as, color, luster, texture, weight, and size.  As our study continues we expect the students to be able to examine a rock and be able to tell about its properties.  At this age we are stressing the properties of the rock sample rather than the name of the rock. 

Finally, there will be three release days for the children this month. Monday the 15th  is the MLK holiday with all schools being closed, the 25th is a district wide professional development day for teachers and the 26th is the end of the quarter as teachers prepare progress reports. I will also be out of the classroom all day on Tuesday the 16th.


Have a nice warm week and once again welcome back,

                          Terry Brezny