Mr. Brezny’s Room

   March 5, 2018


     Hello eveyone. March 15th is Spotlight time for first grade.  This is a time for a few students to shine in the spotlight of their peers. The children get up on stage in the multipurpose room and display their talents. If your child would like to perform please have them be ready to audition in our classroom.  I will hold auditions this week, Wednesday the 7th. I will pick three acts to go on stage to perform.  The acts can be as simple as telling a few jokes or singing a song.  Try not to have your child do card tricks, science experimens or anything too small that the audience will be unable to see and follow.  If they have any props, or C.D they need to bring it to the audition.  

     Please continue to turn in your child's reading logs if you haven't been doing so lately.  I am recording the number of books read back here in the classroom. The students are recognized for their reading accomplishment at the end of the year at the awards ceremony.  If your child has completed the 60 books goal then they no longer need to continue bringing in reading logs.

     Our new unit of study in Life Science will begin later this month. It will be on organisms.  This will extend through the remanider of the year. The children will investigate a variety of organisms.  Students will sort animals and plants by their observable properties. They will identify the needs of animals and plants. Needs include water, food, air and shelter. The students will describe the changes that take place in a plant’s life cycle. They will also explain that if a part of living system is missing it may not function correctly.  

     There is no school on Friday March 30th. This is a record keeping day for teachers. Spring break is the following week. 

     Finally, I have decided to retire after this year. It's been a long and wonderful teaching career here at Kenwood school. It's not an easy decision to make. Kenwood school has been home to me for 32 years.  I Have watched children grow up over the years and go on to high school, college, and start their own families.  It's my hope to perhaps come back to the school from time to time as a substiute teacher and to see all my friends continue on at Kenwood school.                            
                                      With warmest regards,