Mr. Brezny’s Room

                                             May 1, 2018


     May is here, however the year isn’t over quite yet and we have much to do before it does come to a close.   Please gather up any reading logs at home and turn them in with your child.  Most of the children have now met their reading goal at home of 60 books and so no longer need to return reading logs.  The students will be acknowledged for their efforts at the awards ceremony on June 1st.

     In math we will explore our final unit called Data Analysis and Probability.  This unit develops ideas about collecting, representing, describing, and interpreting data.  A few of the focus points are: describing attributes of objects, making representations to communicate the results of a survey, using data to compare how two groups are similar or different.

         May 22nd will be our primary Track and Field day.  These events are split into two parts of the day. The first half will be in the morning and will be in the gym, they will compete in one event.  The track events will then take place in the afternoon out at the park, at that time they will compete in two events.  Please be sure that they are wearing their sneakers on that day.  In case of rain there would be a make up day on Thursday the 24th

      May 30th the boys and girls will be attending the Children's Theater to see the production of The Lorax. The permission slips are all turned in and the tickets already purchased.  So everything is good to go.

      June 4th, the first graders will take a final field trip to the Como Park Zoo for one last hurrah. I sent out the field trip permission slip yesterday in the children's blue folders. Please look for them and get them back as soon as possible. I wanted to let you know early on so that you could work it into your schedule.  Volunteers are going to be needed.  We will need to have many of the parents drive or carpool with other parents over to St. Paul.  With only one bus there isn’t enough room for all the adult chaperones.  We will leave around 10:00 and arrive about 10:30.  We will eat lunch out there and return to school by about 1:15. 

      Finally, I have taught at Kenwwod school for half of my life. The school has been a second home to me and so it is hard to say good bye and to let go of all that I hold dear. Over this past year it has been my pleasure to work with your children.  They have brought many hours of joy into my life.  I will miss Kenwood school, my colleagues, the parents and of course the children. This has been a wonderful year for all of us and so it's a pleasent way for me to leave the Kenwood community.  I will never forget the warm memories I have of all of you.


                                                           Have a nice rest of the school year and best wishes,