Mr. Brezny’s Room  

                                           November 1, 2016


     Hello everyone, and welcome to November and the beginning of our second quarter.  Beginning this week the first grade will be involved in an African drumming and dance residency with Brother Ghana.  The students will be practicing throughout the month of November and December.  On Thursday December 15, we will present a performance to the families in the morning from 7:50- 8:15. It will be held in the gym.

     The children will also begin the annual Barn Dance residency this month with Bob Walser.  This is a whole school project that involves learning traditional folk dances and songs from around the world.  There will be a culminating dance on Thursday November 18th in the gym for Family Night. It's a lot of fun as the children swing you around the dance floor.  I hope you can make it.  Also as part of the Family Night we will also have a dinner provided by the PTA and a book sale up in the Media Center. A flyer will be coming home soon.

     In math the students are beginning a new unit of study with the mathematical emphasis on the characteristics and attributes of 2-D and 3-D shapes.   Some of the math focus points will involve observing, describing, and comparing shapes, as well as composing and decomposing shapes.  Using pattern blocks, the students put together shapes and to make patterns  and designs. The students identify the attributes that make them similar and different.   As they work they distinguish what makes a triangle and a quadrilateral.  They will also create paper quilts by repeating combinations of right triangles and squares.

    What do we do in Literacy?  As you know we are constantly trying to make sense of what we do and see in our daily lives.  We do this through predictions, questioning and reflecting.  Reading is a natural extension of that process. During Reader’s Workshop the children learn reading strategies that help them make sense of the text and so enrich their own lives as readers.  The students read daily at their level while making predictions, asking questions, problem-solving unfamiliar words, summarizing and retelling. Continue having your child practice reading daily to you at home as well.

     In unit two of our Social Studies Curriculum the students will learn the beginning concepts of economics.  They will learn the definitions of scarcity and be able to provide examples of it.  Students will also be able to describe the costs and benefits to choices they make in school and at home.  We will also work to understand why and when we trade and barter.  A few connections to literature that we will use are The Mitten (scarcity), The three Little Pigs, The Grasshopper and the Ant (cost, benefit), A Bargain for Frances (trade, barter, cost, benefit), the Scarecrow’s Hat (trade, barter), Helga’s Dowry (trade, barter).

     The weather is still mild for this time of the year however, as the weather begins to get colder please be sure your children dress accordingly.  Also mark all their outer wear.  It helps me greatly when trying to return items.  It always amazes me when I ask the students whose item of clothing this is in the hallway and no one seems to know.  From time to time please check the lost and found coat rack in the lunchroom to reclaim misssing items.   

                                                                                                                           Have a nice week everyone,

                                                                                                                                       Terry Brezny