Site Council Members and Minutes

Kenwood School Site Council

Kenwood's Site Council addresses policies that govern the school and its administrative budget. This group is comprised of parents and school staff and meets monthly throughout the school year. While other schools have site councils, the true collaboration that exists at Kenwood among teachers, administration and parents is unique and something we all should appreciate. Meetings are generally the second Thursday of the month from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. in the Media Center.  The meeting minutes are attached below.
Parents are welcome to attend these meetings.

Kenwood Site Council 2017-2018


Heidi Johsnon                                                 Co-Chair/Principal

Stephanie Fink                                                Co-Chair/Grade 3-5 parent

Mohamed Ahmed                                           Grade K-2 parent

Rob LeFevere                                                 Grade K-2 parent

Al Rodriguez (¡Se habla Español!)                 Grade K-2 parent

Kirsten Eitreim                                                Grade 3-5 parent

Megan Vaught                                                Grade 3-5 parent

OPEN                                                             Grade 3-5 parent

Devon Alexander                                            PTA Liaison

OPEN                                                             Business Partner/Community

Steven Cornelius                                           Specialist Teacher

Susan Ferrell                                                 Teacher

Deborah Gregory                                           Teacher 

Catherine Sullivan                                          Teacher 

Amanda Talan                                                School Social Worker

Lori Smith                                                       Family Liaison