Meet Ms. Sullivan
Ms. Sullivan and her siblings (1970s)
I'm not sure why I'm making that face. I'm the little girl in front.

Hello and welcome to Kenwood Kindergarten Room 112! My name is Cathy Sullivan and I've been teaching at Kenwood since the fall of 2006. I am thrilled to be working at such an amazing school that is home to a terrific community of families. 

I am a Minneapolis native and love working in the city where I grew up and live. I have a B.A. in Elementary Education from the College of St. Catherine (now University of St. Catherine) in St. Paul.

Mark and I
I also hold a Masters in Teaching and Learning from St. Mary's University, Winona.  I learn the most from my wonderful teammates, Bailey Bettes and Anna Klompien and my little professors, the kindergartners.

I’m married and live in the Lake Nokomis neighborhood with my husband, Mark and our two cats, Wallace and Butchie.

Check out our "Happenings" page for pictures of some our classroom adventures and events.

My two cats
My two cats, Wallace and Butchie
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Ms. Sullivan's Office Hours
Ms. Sullivan will be available by email or phone between:
Email is always the best way to get ahold of me. 

Indicate in the email if you would like an email response or a phone call.

Communication is a very important part of a successful school experience. My duty hours are 7:30-3:30. Once students arrive, it is very difficult to get me on the phone. Here are some options for reaching me during school hours.

1. E-Mail me!  I check my E-Mail everyday at my prep period and after school, sometimes before school. This is the BEST way to get in touch with me!!!! If you email me to call you, I will do it that day! My E-Mail is:

2. Notes with your child... This is the next best way to get in touch with me! Enclosing a note in your child's blue folder (which travels back and forth daily) will ensure I see it and take care of its content immediately. This is especially important when there is a change in the end of the day dismissal plan. Handwritten notes are so helpful when bus changes are necessary. 

3. Call the office... Calling the office when there is a last minute change of dismissal or an emergency. Ask the secretary NOT to put you through to voice mail. If a change is being made to transportation, speak with the office staff and ask to leave a written note in my box. If it is an emergency, you may ask to be connected directly to the classroom. Remember, my time on the phone is time away from my students. Please, be considerate of their learning time. Office staff appreciates if they could be informed of dismissal changes before 12:30. The school office number is: 612-688-2760.