What time does school start?
The doors open at 7:50am for students.  At this time students may walk to breakfast or go directly to their classrooms.  Students are expected to be in their classroom, ready to learn at 8:05am when school begins.  

Who do I call to report a student absence?
Please call 612-668-2766 to report an absence.  If you get a recording, please leave the following information:  student’s name, classroom, and reason for absence, as well as your name, relationship to student and phone number.

What do I do if I walk or drive my student to and from school?
Parents may walk their children into the building and to their classrooms if they wish.
If you are picking your children up after school, you will come to the gym entrance of school off of Franklin Avenue. The students will all be waiting in the gym, sitting by grade level. They will be excused when the bell rings at 2:35pm.  You can enter the gym at that time and pick up your child. There will be staff people there to make sure that students are with their parents as they leave.

Does someone meet the buses when they get to school?
Every school day throughout the year, a staff member is assigned to greet the buses in the morning (even on the coldest days!).  At the end of the school day, a staff member is assigned to each bus to make sure students get on the right bus and to answer questions or concerns.  In addition, kindergarten teachers deliver their students to each bus.

What is the PTA and when does it meet?
The PTA is an organization made up of parents and teachers that plans community building events for the school and raises funds for school enrichment and many art residencies.  Kenwood’s PTA meets once a month and is part of the National PTA.  

What is the Site Council?
It is a representative forum of licensed staff, parents and school administration to give all stake-holders in the Kenwood School community a voice in the school’s decision-making process.  Unlike the PTA, the Site Council does not host events and activities to raise funds.  Its primary focus is on school policies, the budget, and issues that Kenwood might face in relation to the District. Meetings are usually the fourth Thursday of the month in the media center.  Check the Courier for exact meeting dates and times.  All parents are welcome to attend.

What are residencies?
Residencies are paid for by the PTA.  They bring professional artists in to work with students and teachers to enrich the classroom experience.  Some examples are: Adventures in Cardboard, Brother Ghana with African drumming, ROOTS (traditional dance and music), Native Amercian Art: Teaching in the Present Tense, Taiko drumming, Richardson Nature Center, the MN Center for Book Arts, and portrait photography.  This isn’t just about art; all of these residencies reinforce various aspects of the curriculum in the classroom. 

What is a Share-In?
A Share-In is a curriculum based performance that happens several times a year.  Each class will participate in a grade level Share-In. You will be informed of when these will be happening.  The performances will usually be held during the day. Parents are encouraged to attend.

What is the Peace Circle?
A school-wide gathering held in the morning on the International Day of Peace in September.  The Peace Circle celebrates our peaceful way at Kenwood and fosters responsible citizenship in personal relationships and community relationships.  The student body gathers in a circle on the playground to sing songs and recite the Peace Pledge.  

What if I don’t have a ride to get to an event, performance or conference at the school?
The PTA has an arrangement with a cab company to provide rides free of charge to families for school related events or activities. If you need to get to the school for one of these events, call the school office at 612-668-2760 to make arrangements.

Can I volunteer in my child’s classroom?
Every teacher has a different system of using parent volunteers. Communications will come home in backpacks with volunteer opportunites as needed.  Don’t be surprised if teachers don’t use volunteers until October.  Most teachers use that first month to let the kids get used to the classroom routine so that when a parent comes in to volunteer it is the child who feels like the classroom expert.

What about food at school?                                                                                                                                                                                                        School Lunches have really changed since parents were in school. VIsit this link to view the MPS School Lunch Menus. We are a Prepack with Salad Bar location. http://nutritionservices.mpls.k12.mn.us

Student breakfast will be free and is available from 7:50 until 8:05 am.

Lunch in the cafeteria costs $2.40. Milk can be purchased for 50 cents. All meals must be prepaid.  Each student has his or her own meal account.  For more information go to School Cafe.

The cafeteria has a special table for students with allergies, but because Kenwood has several students with life-threatening anaphylactic conditions and many other students with sensitivity to particular foods, we all try to maintain a peanut-free building.  Please don’t send peanut butter or peanut products to school.

Kenwood has a Wellness Policy and no longer allows treats in the school.  No food items will be used in school as incentives, rewards, snacks, celebrations, birthday treats, etc.  There are two exceptions to this rule: 1) Kindergarteners will still get a snack (your child’s teacher will communicate with you about this); 2) teachers can decide to make an exception for a celebration that is a long-held Kenwood tradition.

What school supplies should I buy?
The supply lists are available on the school website: Kenwood.mpls.k12.mn.us.  You will also be sent a supply list in your welcome back to school letter in late August.  Your teacher may communicate with you about supplies, too.

How will the Piano Lab be used?
All students, Kindergarten though fifth grade are spending time in the piano lab as part of their music specialist time. Time is split between the music classroom, where they sing, dance, play instruments, and the piano lab. The lab has 17 student keyboards, which are designed to accomodate two students with each getting an identical two-octave keyboard. Each student has an "enter" button for responding to questions and a voice chip that provides each student with immediate and positive feedback when responding to questions. The curriculum for the Yamaha MIE piano lab supports the district and national standards for performing, creating and responding to music. The lessons are grouped around a musical concept and/or skill and are planned sequetially. Students sing, play, discuss and listen using the new concept and then apply that concept in individual and group creative activities.
Do parents attend the Martin Luther King Celebration?
Yes!  It is one of the most loved programs of the year.