Welcome to Fourth Grade!

Getting ready for the MCA test?

The following are links to the MCA online samplers for Math and Reading.  

It is a good idea to have your student take the test and play with the controls to get a feel how the test is asking them to move things around.  Feel free to take it with your student and coach them on the content or how to use the interface.

This is taken right from the MCA site:

Item samplers provide students the opportunity to apply what they learn from the online student tutorial in a practice setting. These item samplers are aligned to the Minnesota Academic Standards but contain fewer items than an actual full-length test. They are provided to help students and teachers become familiar with the test, but they are  not  practice tests and are  not  suitable for predicting how students will perform on the assessment.

That paragraph talks about the student tutorial, I have found that the tutorial is long and very boring to work through for 4th graders.  I am putting the link here so if after you play with it you or your student are stuck you can look up the answer in the tutorial.

MCA III Reading


You might have to update your web browser to use the online sampler.  If you are having trouble visit this site and it should help you out.






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