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TypeTastic Typing program
eBooks Minnesota
eBooks Minnesota
Kindergarten Links
Kindergarten Links
Student Home Access

MPS Google Drive. - Students use this tool to share and archive documents. They collaborate with classmates and post presentations. 

Destiny - The online circulation system can be accessed on your home computer via this link.  Nurturing a love for books and reading is a constant goal for all of us at Kenwood. Please take every opportunity to read with your child. Also, thank you for your continued support in encouraging responsible book borrowing habits.

Student Learning Resources District provided websites

Maud Hart Lovelace Book Awards

The winner of this year's award is The Terrible Two by Mac Barnett.  The runner-ups were Fuzzy Mud and Fish in a Tree.  

New Books

Check here for highlighted books.

Library Media Center Use

Videos that help explain the proper use of the Library Media Center by teams of 5th graders.

Native American Projects

A collection of links to be used for locating information and images for the Native American projects.

Please Buy This Book For Kenwood!

Please record your ideas of books, series and subjects that you would like to have in our collection.  Thanks!

What We Learn During Media Center Time

The information and skills learned during Media Class will sometimes be independent of the students' classroom. However, I will also be collaborating with the classroom teachers in order to enhance what students are learning in their classrooms and also the Media Center.  Please take a look at my presentation from Curriculum Night.

Media Class at Kenwood

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My e-mail address is , or you may leave a message at 612.668.2765.

The more you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you'll go.           
                                   -Dr. Seuss