Kenwood Music

    If you can't teach me to fly, teach me to sing.
              --Sir William Barrie





Beautiful sounds fill the Kenwood music room.

Music classes at Kenwood are divided into four components.

Singing,  where we focus on:

  • singing in tune.
  • singing with good breath motion and management.
  • singing throughout the vocal range.
  • learning new songs.

Playing instruments such as:

  • piano (in our piano lab)
  • Orff instruments
  • recorders
  • ukuleles

The movement part of our class includes:

  • directed activities to express the elements of music such as tempo, melody, dynamics and rhythm
  • traditional folk and circle dances.

Learning to listen:

Our listening time: 

  • is called “S.T.I.L.L” time (silent time for individual learning through listening).
  • includes music selections that are one to three minutes in length and cover all periods of music history. 
  • is followed by a guided discussion.

Music literacy is a strand woven through all of the components
depending on the lesson.

In the music classroom, improving musicianship is our goal, but
enjoyment is also important.

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