Welcome to Room 224

In Room 224 we are passionate.  We are a curious group of learners who are always asking questions. 
We learn all of the things you would expect in second grade – reading, writing, math, social studies, health, and lots of science.  There’s more to learning than academics though.  Ms. Ferrell thinks it is also important that we are kind, well-mannered children and a caring classroom community.  She says that in the business world it is important to be able to work with all kinds of people – some who are like us and some who may be very different from us.  Every month she moves our desks so we get to know other kids in our class.  We have learned that each one of us is a special person with our own talents and skills.
Come visit us anytime.  You will see why we think Kenwood School and Room 224 are such special places.  We’ll even say our class pledge and sing our goodbye song for you!