Artwork by Sam, Kindergarten

 Visual Arts

Hi, my name is Margaret Swenson and I am the Art teacher here at Kenwood School.  I see each class once a week for 55 minutes.  The Art program is based on the district’s standards.  The students will learn from the Minneapolis curriculum called, “Art Connections”.  Each grade level has a different text book that we will go through over the course of the year.  Each text begins with the elements of art:  line, shape, color, value, space, form and texture.  Then each text covers

Bamboo trees using Chinese brushwork, by Miranda grade 4
the principles of design:  rhythm, balance, proportion, emphasis, variety, harmony and unity.  Each year the curriculum becomes more advanced in the vocabulary, concepts, processes and techniques taught.  In each lesson your child will learn about one or more artists, time periods, cultures, styles and/or movements and the corresponding vocabulary that goes with each.  The lessons are accompanied by related art historical examples.  Your child will receive studio project assignments based on the expectations of the curriculum.  During the year students will use both two and three dimensional art materials.  It is important that the students are exposed
Suit of armor, by Troy, 5th grade
to, experience and eventually master how to use different art materials and tools to best express their ideas and practice what they have learned.  Some of the art materials are messy and can possibly stain clothes.  Please encourage your child to be careful with materials in Art in relation to themselves and each other.  Also, if possible, please have your child dress in older clothes on the day in which they have Art class.  I am very excited to be at Kenwood School and I am looking forward working with your child.  If you would like to contact me, e-mail is best: