5th grade teacher Julie Young Walser (Ms. Julie) was a classroom teacher in the St. Paul Public Schools before starting her performing and educational "roots" music and dance company, Shake These Bones.  She is a multi-instrumentalist, an Appalachian flatfoot clogger, and an old-time square-dance caller.  She integrates a variety of subject areas (math, history, social studies, language arts, etc.) with traditional forms music and dance, and has worked with the Minnesota State Arts Board, the Minnesota History Center, and the Minnesota Council On the Humanities.  Ms. Julie is mother to Kenwood alums Lolo and Smack Young Walser, and began the Kenwood Barndance residency with her husband Bob Walser.

She returned to teaching as the cultural arts specialist at Pierre Bottineau French Immersion (yes, teaching exclusively in French!) and worked as a 4th grade co-teacher last year at Whittier International IB School.

She is thrilled to be "back in the fold" at Kenwood, and honored to be teaching on the 5th Grade team with veteran teachers Mr. Lee and Ms. "G".