Activities for Kids (and adults)

Looking for things to do?  The site 44 Boredom Busters was written for adults but can be easily adapted for kids.  Or, check out the site 250+ Creative ways to Keep Your Family Sane for lots of ideas on things to do at home.  You can also visit Walking and Biking Resources for ideas.
These activities can be done with kids (they can do some on their own!)  Scroll to the bottom for a daily schedule you can modify for your family.
  • Read - to a sibling, pet, adult, tree, just about anyone or anything.  Download ebooks from the library with a friend and have a book club.  Set up a time to facetime/skype/talk on the phone about the book
  • Cook - have kids help with meal prep.  They can read the recipe/directions and measure out ingredients
  • Games - dice, cards, and board games can all help with fine motor and math skills
  • Puzzles - set up a game or puzzle table so that you can work on it for numerous days
  • Write - keep a journal about what you do each day and what you want to do
  • Music - pracitice an instrument or have a dance party
  • Get physical - if possible, go for walks, bike rides, play in the yard or on the sidewalk (6 ft away from others).  Look up yoga for kids, or daily exercise videos online.
  • Art - draw, paint, create
This list could be endless.  If you need ideas, look online for help.  There are lots of resources out there!  Below is a list of websites you might find helpful.  More ideas are being added online everyday.  When using a youtube site, please remember to supervise the commercials before allowing children to view the content.
MPS Learning Website
MPS Distance Learning (distance learning is not required at this time, but there are options available for those that would like them)
Wilbooks - 1,000 of titles (both English and Spanish) online to read for free, geared for grades K-3 
Kate Messner, Read-Wonder-Learn
Free Art Tutorials - daily at noon, central time
Scholastic Magazine - teaching remotely; 20 days at home
Khan Academy
Science - for kids of all ages
TED (ed) (please preview lessons before sharing with children)
Mo Willems - the author will doodle with kids every day at 1pm eastern time (12 central time), or watch the videos (check for commercials before showing)
Chess - free chess for kids
Math and Reading - a collection of websites 
Amazing Educational Resources - a collection of websites
Bill Nye - science videos and experiments
Virtual Museum Visits
Cincinatti Zoo - Home Safari (check for commercials before showing)
Keeping a schedule (even a loose one) is one if the best ways to help kids and adults during this time. Attached is a word document you can modify as needed for your family.