When your child will be absent from school for any reason (illness, vacation etc.), please call the Kenwood School attendance line at 612-668-2766. Even if you have sent a note to your child’s teacher — you still need to call the attendance line, preferably by 8:30 a.m. Thank you.


Regular attendance is important to school success. It is expected that a student will attend daily and will be on time. School starts promptly at 8:05am, meaning students need to be in class and ready to learn at that time.


When a student returns to school after an absence or tardiness, please send a note stating the child’s name, classroom number or teacher’s name, and the reason for absence or tardiness, with a parent or guardian signature. This information must be received within the week of the absence.  District policy requires that if a student misses any part of the school day due to a doctor or dentist appointment, a written note from the doctor's office must be provided.  This includes students who are picked up early from school for an afternoon appointment.  Please ask your doctor's office to print a note and send it upon return to school.


Family Vacation/Activity:  If you are considering taking your child out of school for a family event or vacation lasting three or more days, you must fill out a vaction form from the school office at least ten days prior to the first absence and have it signed by the principal or administrator.  An approved family activity for up to five days within a school year can be considered excused if:

1.  the parent/guardian requests permission at least ten school days in advance of the first absence

2.  the absences are approved in writing by the principal or administrator

3.  missed school work is completed

4.  absences will not occur during state-wide testing periods

5.  the student has shown adequate progress and attendance prior to the event


Daily school attendance is the focus of the State of Minnesota Compulsory Attendance laws and legislation by Hennepin County. Unexcused absences, (i.e. those absences not acknowledged by a note or telephone call) are subject to truancy/attendance procedures. A copy of the District attendance policy can be found below.