Daily Schedule

7:15     Arrival - "Monkey Chatter"  (Visiting with their friends)

7:30     Morning Work/ Reading Silently

(7:45-8:15  Parents as Partners - Wednesday)

7:55     Morning Meeting

8:10     Literacy (Whole Group Lesson/Guided Reading Groups/Independent Work)  

9:35     Prep -  Mon:  Music,  Tues:  Media ( book check out)  Wed.  P.E.  Thurs.  Art    Thurs.  Media

(10:40  Computer Lab on Wednesdays)

10:40   Second Step (Social Emotional Learning)/Science/Social Studies (Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri)

11:20   Lunch/Recess/ Story

12:40   Math (Whole Group Lesson/Guided Math groups/ Independent Work)

1:40  End of Day Reflection

1:55     Dismissal