Welcome to Room 221

This is the grade in which they transition from being primary students to upper grade students. They move from picture books to chapter books, addition and subtraction to multiplying and dividing, printing to cursive.

Whether it's studying the life cycle of crayfish, the properties of geometric shapes, or exploring our communities, learning how all these things are connected helps us to understand our world better.

You are invited any time to come in and watch us in action.

Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule:

7:30-8:30     Book Club reading and writing, guided reading groups, journal writing.

8:30-8:45     Morning Meeting

8:45-9:40     Specialists

9:40-10:35   Whole group literacy

10:35-11:50  Math

11:50-12:20  lunch

12:20-12:50  recess 

12:50-1:45    Science/Social Studies/Health

1:45-1:55      Day Planners, Homework, and Folders

Monday at 1:00 is third grade choir.

Friday at 10:00 is reading buddies with Mr. Brezny's room.


Specialists Schedule:

Monday:  art

Tuesday:  music

Wednesday:  media

Thursday:  phy. ed.

Friday:  music