Twitter Guidelines

I'm trying Twitter as another way of communication this year. I've come up with some guidelines to keep it safe for all users.


1. You may follow our classroom but we will not follow anyone. This will prevent any personal information from being shared on our Twitter feed.

2. Student names, specific locations will not be posted on Twitter. I will refer to my students as "woodchucks". If we go to the apple orchard, I will say "apple orchard" but not name the orchard.

3. I will use Twitter to share reminders, funny one-liners, school events.

4. I will only allow people I know to follow our Twitter feed. If a grandparent wants to follow, a parent will have to let me know their name because I will probably not recognize it.

I am hoping this will be a fun and useful tool. I do not "tweet" in my personal life so this is all new to me. I'll be learning as I go.  Come follow us.