What's Happening in 117?
Classroom Happenings
Apple Orchard
Our Wild Rumpus Play

Our Wild Rumpus Play and Party was a big success. Here are some photos of the students in their masks. Students created their own masks, wild thing characters, and painted the scenery. Each student said a line from the story. The class has been receiving rave reviews!

Recess Time

Kindergarten students at Kenwood have 20 minutes of outside recess daily. We only stay inside if it is below zero degrees or very rainy. Dress for the weather daily!

At the Supermarket

In November, we transform our housekeeping area into a grocery store. Students bring real (empty) food containers from home. We think of categories, sort the groceries, and put them in our store. Then students take turns playing cashier, shopper, bagger, and stock person. Who knew grocery shopping could be so fun?!

50th Day of Kindergarten

To celebrate the 50th Day of Kindergarten, we dressed up 50s style. We wrote numbers to 50, had a sock hop, and played with toys invented or popular in the 1950s. After enjoying a root beer float at the soda fountain, we sorted the socks we collected to donate to a local shelter. 

The Elves and the Shoemaker

We pretended to be elves to help the shoemaker finish his shoes before Winter Break. We are hoping for a treat from the shoemaker, just like in the story, The Elves and the Shoemaker.

Peter and the Wolves

After reading several versions of Peter and the Wolf, hearing the orchestra music, learning about the instruments, we made mini puppet theaters and puppets. We retold the story to our Big Buddies.

Valentine's Day