Kathy Schuette


We are off to a wonderful start at Kenwood, and are looking to a terrific year.  We will be busy becoming better readers and writers, mathematicians, scientists, and friends.  Here's a glimpse of our second grade world.

Reader’s Workshop


The workshop begins with a “focus lesson,” which is the week’s featured comprehension strategy or reading habit.  A mini-lesson  features a skill or idea, and reinforce it through modeling, discussion, and activities.  We read a shared text, which showcases this skill as well.  We finish our “focus lesson” with reviewing the skills and setting the objectives for the workshop.

During Reader's Workshop they will participate in a guided reading group, where they will be reading at their instructional level, which means a book that they can read with 90-94% accuracy.   In addition to the guided reading group, they will be traveling through literacy and writing centers, reading independently at their independent level (95-100% accuracy), and reading with a friend.

We finish the workshop by sharing our individual learning.



We will be using the FOSS Science curriculum this year.  It is a very hands-on approach to science, where students are actively engaging in experiments, discussion, and the scientific process for learning.  We will be studying mealworms, waxworms, milkweed bugs, and painted ladies.



Units in math this year include learning about number patterns, place value, algebraic thinking, geometry, and measurement.