The Kenwood School Garden

The Kenwood School Garden was started in 2010 and was the brain child of our Green Team at Kenwood. The Green Team (Angie Erdrich) have been already leading the way with composting and recycling initiatives and this was a logical next

step for them. The garden has gotten bigger and better every year.

Family Volunteers are recruited to help with the garden over the summer. Watering is required as well as weeding and other tasks. During the really hot weather,

the plants needs water twice a day. 

The garden is filled with flowers and vegetables. The vegetables are shared with Kenwood and neighborhood families when they are harvested. This garden is a community effort and we appreciate

everyone's help. The produce has been bountiful.

"Lessons" are taught in the school garden to teach kids about how things grow and let them interact with nature. Kids plant flowers and vegetables, help cross pollinate

plants with brushes and learn the basics of weeding and tending the garden.

The garden won a 2012 & 2014 Exceptional Garden award from Metro Blooms.

Come and enjoy it for yourself.