Math Focus

Our first unit in math is all about graphing.  Students will learn to name and describe parts of a graph and the type of data it represents.  Students will use graphs to compare data and solve problems.  They will collect, organize, display, and interpret data for solving real-world problems.  Approx. time frame is August 24-September 18th.

During unit 2 of math, the students will explore numbers to 1,000.  They will develop mental strategies for solving addition and subtraction problems in this range.  They will identify patterns and relationships and use them to solve problems.  Approx. time frame is September 21st- November 6th.

Unit 3 is called Equal Groups.  Students will explore solving problems with equal groups.  They will develop a flexible understanding of equations.  They will also use operations to interpret data.  Approx. time frame is November 9th- December 18th.