Parent Involvement


Parents are an important part of our classroom community. In addition to all the support my students receive at home from their parents, I rely on parents to help in our classroom activities, too.

The first six weeks of school are reserved for my new kindergartners and I. Parent volunteers are not scheduled until the beginning of October. I use the first six weeks as a time to build a classroom community and encourage independence.

Once the first six weeks are over, I have several levels of help needed. Parents can volunteer in a way that best fits their schedules.



Every morning and afternoon, I schedule parent volunteers for the classroom. The activities vary from academics to art. These are usually 30-45 minute time slots.


We have a few celebrations throughout the year. Parents are needed to send in prizes, set up and clean up for the party, help the students with the party games.

Field Trips

Field trips are an important part of student learning, however, taking our young students out into the community can be overwhelming. Parents are needed to help on various field trips throughout the year. Often space is limited but I try to assure that everyone, who wants to go on a trip, has the opportunity. Younger siblings are not allowed on most trips. Trips slips will indicate when younger siblings are invited to join in the fun.

Outside the Classroom

Parent volunteers are needed in other parts of the building, too. From the lunchroom, to the art room, to the PTA, parent volunteers are an important part of school life. Our Kenwood parents are important partners in making Kenwood a special place to learn.