Preparing Your Yard for Winter

Green Tip for preparing your yard for the Winter!

People are getting out the rakes to get the yards ready for Winter.  Before you bag up all the leaves and cut all your plants down, turns out we can all do a little less work!  Keeping leaves on most of your garden beds provides good mulch and a place for beneficial insects to over-winter.  We are raking and blowing our leaves into our beds, and creating a brush pile for small animals.  We love watching them during the winter months.  Here are a few more tips and a link to a great summary article.

1-If you have perennials, feel free to leave the dried stems and seed heads.  These look beautiful covered in snow, and provide food and habitat for wildlife.

2-Once the ground has frozen, be sure to mulch your perennials with 2-4 inches of mulch material (fallen leaves work great!).  

3-Take a careful look at your trees now, and flag any limbs that might need to be trimmed during the dormant season.  Late winter is the best time to prune most trees but check

your specific species at

4-If you grow veggies, make note of any disease issues.  Most diseases can be effectively managed by rotating your plantings year to year.  For example,if you have diseases on your 

tomato plants, put them in a new location next year, or skip a year and plant something else instead.  You can follow the same principal for managing insect pests as many of them overwinter

in the soil.