Talent Development and Advanced Learner Education at Kenwood School



Talent Development and Advanced Learner Education at Kenwood School


Elementary Opportunities for Minneapolis Public School Students

Supporting all students to recognize and develop their talents as a result of enrichment and appropriately challenging learning opportunities. Our elementary programs offer four levels of service for academic talent development: 

  • Level I: All students are exposed to areas of interest and opportunities to develop unique talents.  Enrichment of core curriculum through field trips, guest speakers, artist residencies, interest based learning centers, and Parents as Partners

  • Level II: All students may choose to participate in more in depth, interest-driven opportunities. Chess Club, Choir, Band, School Play, Spanish, French, GEMS/GISE and Math Team.

  • Level III: Academic challenge for advanced learners in the classroom.  Advanced differentiation in math, science, social studies, reading, and writing; clustering with other advanced learners in the regular classroom; matched with a teacher trained in Advanced Learner Education.

  • Level IV: Acceleration for highly advanced learners.  Evaluation for full grade acceleration using Iowa Acceleration Scales; acceleration for exceptional ability in mathematics through advanced math pathways.



For more information and links on Talent Development & Advanced Learner Education, visit the Minneapolis Public School Talent Development and Advanced Learner website.