Unit 2 Geometry


Math - Learning Targets

Unit 2: Geometry – 2 and 3D Shapes


Unit Long Term Learning Targets:

 I can describe the attributes of two and three-dimensional shapes. 

 I can combine and take apart two and three-dimensional shapes. 


2D shapes

circle, square, rectangle, trapezoid, rhombus, hexzgon, polygon, quadrillateral


3D shapes

cube, retangular prism, cone, sphere, cylinder, 

verticies, face, edge


In addition to these first grade goals, we will work on the following concepts and vocabulary:



congruent-shapes that are the same shape and size




     equalateral-all 3 sides are the same length

     right-one angles is 90 degrees (or like the corner of a paper)

     isosceles-2 sides are the same length, one is different


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