Vacation Plans & Policy

If you are taking your child out of school for a family vacation/activity for three days or more, you must fill out a vacation form from the school office at least ten days prior to the first absence and haved it signed by the Principal. Approved family activity for up to five (5) days within one school year are considered “excusable absences”, when

• The parent or guardian requests permission for the absence ten (10) regularly scheduled school days in advance of the first absence; and

• The absences are approved in writing by the principal or site administrator in advance of the first absence, and

• Missed schoolwork is assigned by the student’s teacher or teachers, and the parent or guardian agrees that schoolwork will be completed; and

•  The absences will not occur during state-wide testing dates; and

• Where the student has shown adequate progress and attendance prior to the request.


Please email school secretary Danielle Sanders at with questions or call the main office at 612-668-2760.