What Makes Kenwood Special?

Our culture of arts, academics, diversity, and parent involvement combine to set us apart from other schools.

We enrich the district curriculum with opportunities for students to perform and to attend cultural performances. Creativity, poise, self-confidence and team work are a few of the qualities that are strenghtened through participation in arts integrated activities. In our grade level Share-In performances, whole classes take something they've learned in the classroom and turn it into a performance where they teach others.

We have a strong emphasis on academics and our test scores consistently rank above district and national levels. All classrooms are required to have 120 minutes of literacy and 90 minutes of math every day.

We embrace our diversity. Our students learn in a classroom that reflects the diversity of the city they live in.

Our teachers and students benefit from the hours given by 350+ volunteers a year. That valuable parental and neighborhood support adds to the strong sense of community our school enjoys.

We educate both the head and the heart.  We provide students with opportunities to learn through as astonishing range of artists in our community.  This is reflected in our slogan "Smarts + Arts".